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Submersible electro-pump for residual water

  • Electro-pumps suitable for pumping dirty and waste water with impurities
  • Likewise, because of making and design, they are irreplaceable in the food industry (macerated substances, fruit pulp, slaughterhouse waste, etc.), agricultural and livestock industry (manure, purines, etc.), paper and cellulose industry (particles of cellulose paper, pulp, pasted-water, etc.), chemical industry (waste water with chemical products, brine, alkaline water, etc.), construction industry (drainage, tank emptying, etc.)
  • Type: Waste water
  • Flow (m3/h): 2 - 285
  • Height (m): 2 - 30
  • Stardard: ICE
  • IP: 68
  • Isolation: F
  • r.p.m.: 1450 - 2850
  • Cooling: External ventilation
  • Rotation direction: Clockwise
  • Temp. max.(ºC): 40
  • Pump body: Cast iron
  • Impeller: Cast iron (F - C) / Bronze (L)
  • Shaft: ‘AISI 420’ Stainless steel
  • Screws: Stainless steel
  • OPEN IMPELLER L series: For dirty liquids or loaded with suspended solids. The liquid to be pumped should not have elements such as long fibers or other configurations which may result in braids.
  • VORTEX IMPELLER F series: For loaded liquids with high quantity of gas or air containing suspended solids and mixtures resulting in braids. Free pitch for solids with Ø equivalent to the discharge and suction electro-pumps outlets.
  • SINGLE-CHANNEL IMPELLER C series: Designed for the pumping of waste water not being roughed, with content of suspended solids. Same applications as other impellers, with higher performance on hydraulics. Free pitch for solids may range between 50 and 100 mm. according to the impeller type.

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