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Surface pumps for waste water

The surface pumps for waste water are ideal for the drainage of rainwater, loaded water, waste water, sewage, industrial, agricultural, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, etc. thanks to their different designs.

  • Surface pumps for waste water GTSB ranges ideal for waste water, laden liquids, milk of lime, syrups, paper pulp, useful in chemical, canning, paper, mining, naval industries and refineries.


Self-suction electro-pumps on frame for residual water

  • Self-priming electro-pumps without foot valve.
  • Suitable for waste water transfer, loaded liquids, lime milk, syrups, paper paste, etc
  • Very useful in chemical industries, canning industries, paper industries, mine industries, navy industries and refineries.
  • Type: Self-priming execution on base plate for waste water
  • Flow (m3/h): 8 - 120
  • Head (m): 5 - 40
  • rpm: 2900
  • IP: 54
  • Cooling: External ventilation
  • Temp. max. (ºC): 95
  • Max. suction depth: 6,5 m.
  • Pump body: Cast iron
  • Motor support: Cast iron
  • Impeller: Cast iron
  • Shaft: Stainless steel
  • Mechanical seal: Ceramic/Graphite

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