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Grey water clarifier

  • Compact greywater recovery system.
  • For convenient installation in homes
  • Water can be collected from the drains of sinks, showers and bathtubs, for reuse in non-potable purposes such as filling toilet cisterns, watering gardens or cleaning pavements.
  • This practice has great advantages from an environmental point of view, while at the same time offers savings in water consumption.
  • Pre treatments: Three lapping separation sections and sedimentation with automatic valve and air pumps with scheduled discharges.
  • Treatment with bag filter: Tank with interchangeable bag filter for hair parting residues and for the material sedimented.
  • Biological treatment: Equalization and oxidation tank equipped with ultrafiltration membrane and suction pump of purified water.
  • Disinfection: High pressure UV sterilization lamp 0.20 kW/h.
  • Pressure system: Multi-stage centrifugal pump (0,55 kW/0,75 HP) with pressure controler.
  • Control unit: Control unit equipped with APP for smartphones with visualization of operation data, consumption, water and energy saving and maintenance alarms.
  • Maintenance: Replacing the hair bag filter (approx 1 time per month), cleaning of the ultrafiltration membrane (rinsing with running water approximately once a year).

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