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Simple pressure units with SPEEDBOARD variable-frequency drive

  • Pressure equipments with frequency variator SPEEDBOARD directly installed over the pump’s motor. Suitable for the water supply in residential blocks, sports facilities, industries, hotels and generally in any case where the water pressure is not enough to meet the demand.
  • These equipments can supply a constant pressure regardless of the demanded water consumption and they offer a considerable energy saving. Suitable for installing in confined spaces thanks to its small size.
  • They can be installed with just one pump or in groups with two communicated pumps and operating in MASTER-SLAVE mode in alternated sequence. They can also be mounted in groups of 3 or 4 pumps in parallel using the communication center among devices SPEEDCENTER.
  • 1 Horizontal multistage electro-pump NIZA type.
  • 1 Frequency variator SPEEDBOARD:
  • MT: input 1~230 V, output to pump 3~230 V.
  • TT: input 3~400 V, output to pump 3~400 V.
  • 1 Pressure transducer 4-20 mA.
  • 1 Manometer.
  • 1 Fixed membrane tank PWB-2 L.

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