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Next April 1st bombas hasa’s new Price List April 2017 will become effective. You may download it from the section “Downloads” in our website: www.bombashasa.com.



Pressure equipments with frequency variator SPEEDBOARD

Our brand, bombas hasa, has added to its portfolio the Speedboard series of domestic and residential pressure equipments. The pumps’ automation is carried out through the built-in frequency drive Speedboard, which provides a constant pressure regardless of the demanded water consumption and a considerable energy saving. This variator is entirely made in Spain and complies with the EC regulation. Likewise, the equipments composed of two, three or four pumps are configured with the pertinent alternation. Advantages of the automation of the pressure equipments with built-in variator Speedboard: • Advanced technology applied to the automation of pumping equipments. • This system extends the lifespan of the regulated pumps. • Energy saving. • Easy configuration. • The variator is mounted over the terminal box, so it is very suitable for confined spaces thanks to its small size. • Competitive price.



DUPLEX: VERSATILE is the best adjective for our new pump model

bombas hasa’s catalog has widened its portfolio with this new DUPLEX model. The versatility of this model can be seen in the different options of application thanks to its design with extensible foot and electronic vertical level switch. Applications: • DUPLEX with gathered-up foot: Drainage of clean water. • DUPLEX with spread-out foot: Drainage of waste water with suspended solids. Additionally, it includes an electronic vertical level switch with possibility to adjust at 7 different heights, very useful for small spaces.



New BCN bombas website

The new BCN bombas website is now available. There you will find all the technical information about its products, as well as delegations, news and updates related to this brand. You can switch directly from this website’s menu bar.



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