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DUPLEX: VERSATILE is the best adjective for our new pump model

bombas hasa’s catalog has widened its portfolio with this new DUPLEX model. The versatility of this model can be seen in the different options of application thanks to its design with extensible foot and electronic vertical level switch. Applications: • DUPLEX with gathered-up foot: Drainage of clean water. • DUPLEX with spread-out foot: Drainage of waste water with suspended solids. Additionally, it includes an electronic vertical level switch with possibility to adjust at 7 different heights, very useful for small spaces.



New BCN bombas website

The new BCN bombas website is now available. There you will find all the technical information about its products, as well as delegations, news and updates related to this brand. You can switch directly from this website’s menu bar.




bombas hasa has published a new General Catalog 2015-2016 containing the widest portfolio of technical solutions for the water transfer and pumping addressed to the residential and domestic sector. We highlight the incorporation of several ranges for industrial use due to the increase of the demand from this sector as well as the incorporation of qualified staff with experience in this field. You can download the new catalog in our website’s “Downloads” section. In addition, our new Price List September 2015 is also available in the “Downloads” section, which will become effective on September the 1st.



New range of pressure regulators LogicPress

We launch to the national and international market the LogicPress regulators range, which offer the same valued advantage recognized by professionals on the hydro pneumatic accumulator pump: it remains switched network consumption while ensuring there is the constant applied pressure according to its flow, it includes: Safety lock in case of lack of water. Automatic reset when blocked for 24 h. successively. Anti-lock function in case of pump inactivity. Another very important development and unique in the market is the electronic control that adjusts the pressure to 1.5, 2 and 2.5 bar only pressing one button. Also, the same device can operate at 50 Hz or 60 Hz. This range can be supplied with the pressure gauge kit and set of cables.



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