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New range of pressure regulators LogicPress

We launch to the national and international market the LogicPress regulators range, which offer the same valued advantage recognized by professionals on the hydro pneumatic accumulator pump: it remains switched network consumption while ensuring there is the constant applied pressure according to its flow, it includes: Safety lock in case of lack of water. Automatic reset when blocked for 24 h. successively. Anti-lock function in case of pump inactivity. Another very important development and unique in the market is the electronic control that adjusts the pressure to 1.5, 2 and 2.5 bar only pressing one button. Also, the same device can operate at 50 Hz or 60 Hz. This range can be supplied with the pressure gauge kit and set of cables.



BOMBAS HASA, present in “Salón de la Piscina 2013” of Barcelona

This 2013, Bombas Hasa has been present again in the “Salón de la Piscina 2013” pool exhibition of Barcelona exhibiting its whole product line of swimming pool pumps and equipments.




The new Price List July 2013 of bombas hasa is going to come into force from July 16th. You could download it in PDF format, in the “Downloads” section of this website. In case you need another format, you can use your Username and Password or request it to our IT department filling the form that you will find in the same section.



35th anniversary of bombas hasa. New website & general catalogue

This message is to thank our customers, suppliers and collaborators for participating and cooperating actively and closely with hidraulica alsina, to reach our 35th anniversary of activity in the national and international pumping market. Now, with the experience that endorses us, we know that we must move forward while renewing ourselves permanently. With this goal, we introduce our new general catalogue with a new format, with the corresponding novelties, etc. We also premiered new image through our new website, with more technical information, in different languages in tune with the times approaching but with the values that have always characterized us: proximity, service, rigour and professionalism. In the current situation, our company size allows us to adapt to the new needs that requires the distribution by offering a broad portfolio of products and pumping equipment to provide the best technical and economical solutions, along with requiring ourselves to constantly maintain and improve our customer service level and high stockage levels. Thus, we are able to locate the material in 24-48 hours at any point of the peninsula. Besides, we must highlight the excellent advice work of our technical-commercial team, quickly answering any queries, consults or offers arisen. Our slogan: a lifetime of experience and more than 35 years at your service.



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