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The CONAIF-ÁNGEL OLIVAR grant for plumbing research projects

The National Confederation of Installation Company Associations (CONAIF) has set up the CONAIF-Ángel Olivar grant to encourage technical innovation, research and development in the fields of plumbing and air conditioning. The grants is for a sum of 12,000 Euros, and the intention is to boost advanced technical solutions that, by minimising environmental impact and favouring energy saving and high performance, are economically viable and relevant to today’s market. The CONAIF-Ángel Olivar grant will be awarded annually by the National Confederation to the person or company (associated to CONAIF or not), association, institution or organization selected from the candidates presented by an Assessment Committee that has elevant members, such as the Energy Saving and Diversification Institute (IDAE), the General Council of Official Associations of Loss Adjusters and Industrial Engineers, the Upper Council of Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Innovation and a number of provincial CONAIF associations.The first call was made public on 24 October, coinciding with its official presentation at the 19th CONAIF Conference for Energy Facilities, held in Zaragoza on 23 and 24 October, and the deadline for applications will be until 31 December 2008. Candidates can apply by sending the completed application form and the additional documents requested to CONAIF, in one of two ways: 1. By registered post: CONAIF Atn. Área Técnica Subjet: “ Beca I+D+i CONAIF Ángel Olivar” C/ Antracita, 7. 2ª planta.28045 Madrid. 2. By mail: To the address beca@conaif.es The rules, application conditions and other information related to the grant can be consulted on the CONAIF website (http://www.conaif.es).



New December 2008 Price List

As of 1 December 2008, the new bombas hasa December 2008 Price List will enter into force. This will involve a general increase of 4% on the current May 2008 Price List. This new price list is now available for download from the Catalogues section of this website. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our technical-sales department.



New edition of our hasa-news newsletter

On the occasion of the entry into force of the new May 2008 Price List, we have published a new hasa-news newsletter including information about new products added to the bombas hasa general catalogue. Soon, bombas hasa customers will receive the new issue together with the up-to-date price list. We would remind you that if you want to receive our publications in the inbox of your email, all you have to do is subscribe to them by going to the News, hasa-news section of this website.



New May 2008 Price List

On 16 June 2008, the new bombas hasa May 2008 Price List will become current. Here you can also find the New Products added to the bombas hasa general catalogue with their respective prices. If you would like to download the May 2008 Price List in any of the formats available (pdf, excel, ascii...) consult the Catalogues section of our website, or do not hesitate to request a printed copy by getting in touch with our technical-sales department.



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