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Multicellular centrifugal submersible electro-pumps 4

  • ASI 304 stainless steel pump sleeve, shaft, cable protector and suction and impulse bodies.
  • Floating impellers in Noryl
  • Fiberglass-reinforced diffusers in polycarbonate
  • Retention valve built-in in all models
  • Franklin electrical motor (water-covered rotor) or atoxic-oil covered motor
  • All M types are single-phase voltage 230 V. and are provided with capacitor
  • All T types are three-phase voltage and are provided to one only voltage 230 or 400 V.
  • 12 as maximum number of starting-up in single-phase motors and 30 for three-phase motors up to1,5 CV.
  • Maximum water temperature 30 ºC
  • It is necessary to protect the pump against the lack of water. It can not be run dry
Note: The minimum distance between the pump and the well bottom must be 30 cm. Do not use the pump in water with sand content higher than 150 gr./m³

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