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Compact pressure units with accumulation

  • Compact automatic pressure group, suitable for domestic applications where the pressure and/or flow of the public network is not enough.
  • Compact automatic pressure group with 300 L storage tank, suitable for domestic applications where the pressure and/or flow of the public network is not enough.
  • Available in two versions, one with a submersible pump with built-in level switch installed inside the tank, which ensures silent service, and the other version with a surface pump mounted on the tank for better accessibility.
  • All the components are suitable for food use and human consumption, complying with EU regulation Nº 10/2011. It can work with a water temperature up to 35º C.
  • Automatic pressure equipment totally silent, thanks to the incorporation of a submersible pump that, together with a reserve tank of 500, 700 or 1.100 l., pressurizes an installation where pressure and/ or public network flow is insufficient.
  • This compact pressure equipment with water tank is suitable for assuring continuous and silent water service in domestic installations.
  • All the AQUACOMPACT components are suitable for contact with food and more precisely with drinking water, according to the Royal Decree 140/03.
  • Type: NIZABOX: Surface pump - ATENAS: Submersive pump
  • Flow (l/h): NIZABOX: 4800-300 - ATENAS: 5400-1400
  • Head (m): NIZABOX: 10-40 - ATENAS: 5-40
  • IP: NIZABOX: 44 - ATENAS: 68
  • Isolation: F
  • Temp. max. (ºC): NIZABOX: 40 - ATENAS: 25
  • Type: Compact pressure equipments with accumulation
  • Flow (l/h): 5200 - 1200
  • Head (m): 5 - 55
  • rpm: 2850
  • IP: 68
  • Isolation: F
  • Cooling: Oil and pumped water
  • Temp. max. (ºC): 35
  • Closed 300 L storage tank for drinking water made of high-density linear polyethylene.
  • NIZA type multistage surface pump or ATENAS type multistage submersible pump with level switch.
  • LOGICPRESS II 230V pressure controller.
  • Manhole with threaded cover for access to the inside of the tank.
  • Automatic filling system by level controller with external inlet of 1" M.
  • Drain outlet with 1" F shut-off valve.
  • Delivery outlet to the supply network with a 1" F shut-off valve.
  • Mushroom vent cap in manhole cover.
  • Suction tube with foot valve and built-in filter (NIZABOX version)
  • Metal base with anti-vibration rubbers (NIZABOX version).
  • Closed accumulation tank for drinking water
  • Multistage submersible pump ATENAS with level switch
  • Pressure regulator LOGICPRESS II 230V
  • Filling system by RSA level controller with 2’’ external coupling
  • Siphonic overflow Ø50mm
  • Aeration pads with 2’’ male thread
  • Mechanical level indicator with 2’’ thread
  • By-pass system with 3 stopcock 1’’
  • Connecting lead between pump and pressure regulator
  • Connecting lead between pump and pressure regulator

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