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Salt water chlorinator

  • Salt water chlorination is a simple electrolytic reaction in swimming pool water containing a slight concentration of common salt, which is practically imperceptible for the swimmer if compared to seawater which reaches 35 grams of salt per litre.
  • BASIC: Compact salt water chlorinator with manual regulation for productions from 15 to 35 grams/hour
  • ADVANCED: BASIC + Kit Advanced (ORP probe) to manage automatically the production
  • AUTO: BASIC + Kit Advanced (ORP probe) + Kit Auto pH (pH probe + peristaltic pump) to manage the pH control
  • 100% Saving on sodium hypochlorite or other chlorine-based chemical compounds
  • Does not cause skin irritation or eyes stinging
  • Eliminates the typical chlorine smell and taste
  • Fast water stabilization after a period of swimming pool inactivity
  • Electronic device with IP-65 box (protection against water, gas and corrosive vapor)
  • Digital control display, easy and intuitive use
  • High effi ciency switch-mode power supply that allows to get signifi cant savings in energy consumption and increase production efficiency of the equipments
  • Long life electronic cell (up to 10.000 h)

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