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Submersible electro-pump for residual water

  • Submersible electro-pumps suitable for flammable liquid transfer or in potentially explosive working environments.
  • All this range of pumps is provided with flameproof certification in accordance with the standard ATEX EEx-d-11B-T4
  • It is required that the pumps work completely submerged in the liquid to be pumped , with maximum temperature at 40ºC
  • All our models can be installed by coupling base with guide tubes.
  • Motor casing, pump body and impeller in G 250 casting
  • AISI 420 B stainless steel motor shaft
  • AISI 304 stainless steel screws
  • Cable (10mts) in Neoprene H07 RN/F
  • Joints and oil seal in nitrile
  • Mechanical seal in Silicon Carbide/Silicon
  • Upon request they can be provided completely in INOX AISI 316 or Marine Bronze
  • 2 or 4-pole asynchronous electrical motors
  • Type-F motor isolation(155ºC) Protection IP 68
  • Motor cooling is carried out through the same fluid the pump is submerged into, the motor casing has been designed for efficient thermal dissipation.
  • Motor is designed for continuous or intermittent operation with no more than 15 starting-up per hour, regularly spaced in time and maximum unbalance between phases of 5%
  • Our models can be supplied with power II 230 v. and with level switch
  • AISI 420 B stainless steel motor shaft dynamically balanced. Over-dimensioned bearings, radial to sphere, lubricated and free of maintenance.
  • The pump has two tightness systems for perfect tightness between the electrical motor and the liquid to be pumped.
  • Top seal: oil retainer in NBR
  • Bottom closing: Mechanical in Silicon Carbide
  • The oil chamber lubricates and cools the mechanical sealand emulsifies possible water leakage
  • VOROTEX: Designed for large diameters of solids at low evacuation level.
  • SINGLE-CHANNEL: Designed for large diameters of solids at medium evacuation level.
  • MULTI-CHANNEL: Designed for large diameters of solids at high evacuation level.
Note: Please contact our technical department for higher performance

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