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Pumping stations for waste water

  • Pumping stations for collection and evacuation of sewage and waste water of all kind from places under the sewage level.
  • The pumping stations are available with several types of submersible pumps (open impeller, single-channel, vortex or with grinding system) depending on the kind of water to be lifted (rain, seweage, fecal, etc.).
  • They can be provided fully-equipped like prefabricated wells with a collection tank, electropumps, internal pipes and valves system, coupling foot, level switches and protection and control switchboard; or for being assembled on concrete manholes with all the necessary components.
  • SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: we have several pump models with different types of impellers (open, singlechannel, vortex, grinder), the choice of the kind of impeller depends on its application. They have an output diameter from 1 1/4” (DN-32) to DN-150. The passage of solids is an important factor to be considered.
  • COLLECTION TANK: they are manufactured under request according to the size or volume specified by the customer.
  • COUPLING FOOT: they are used for the assembly in the fi xed installation allowing an easy removal of the pumps without the need to remove the discharge tube, thanks to a system of two guide tubes that allows the automatic coupling of the pumps. The sealing of the installation is guaranteed by the pump’s weight.
  • CONTROL AND PROTECTION SWITCHBOARD: it controls the maoeuvre of the pump/s through level switches and has electrical protection by circuit breaker or relay. It performs the alternation during the start and has acoustic alarm for overflow.
  • LEVEL SWITCHES: they are necessary for the start and stop manoeuvre of the pumps: one is for the stop of the pump/s (if there are several pumps the stop is at once), another one is for the start of every pump and another one for the overfl ow alarm.
  • VALVES: we have shut-off ball valves and check ball valves in PVC from DN-32 (1 1/4”) to DN-80 (3”).

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