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Electronic pressure regulators

  • Electronic controller for automatic control of pumps without maintenance.
  • It keeps the pump connected while there is a water consumption, providing a constant pressure depending on the required flow.
  • This device replaces the traditional system of hydropneumatic tank and pressure switch, thus avoiding the typical problems like lack of air in the expansion vessel or incorrect adjustment of the pressure switch.
  • Type: Pressure controller
  • Compliance: CE
  • Certification: TÜV
  • Supply voltage: 1~230Vac ±10% (50Hz), 1~115Vac ±10% (60Hz)
  • I max.: 8A (50 Hz), 16A (60 Hz)
  • IP: 65
  • Temp. max. (ºC): 65
  • Protection in case of lack of water: Disconnects the pump to avoid running dry
  • Automatic restart in case of blockade: During the following 24 hours after the blockade, the machine performs ten double attempts to restart, lasting about 5 seconds each attempt, to pressurize the installation again.
  • Antilock function: If the pump is not used for 24 consecutive hours, the device starts the engine for about 5 seconds. Should it continue inactive, this operation will be repeated every 24 h.
  • Electronic adjustment of the start pressure (SET version only) 1.5 BAR / 2 BAR / 2.5 BAR.
  • Possibility to supply manometer and wiring integrated or separately.

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