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Pump driver with speed variator

  • LOGICVAR pump controller handles and protects pressure equipments by means of a reliable electronic control system.
  • Furthermore, it can keep constant pressure regardless of the flow demand, by varying motor speed by means of an INVERTER system in power control.
  • Simple motor specification configuration, as the user only has to set up pressure adjustement and nominal intensity.
  • Type: Variable-frequency-drive
  • IP: 65
  • Max. temp. water: 60ºC
  • Max. room temp.: 60ºC
  • Possibility of alternation of regulated pump in multipump systems by means of a communication protocol (COM models)
  • Without pressure switches, only with integrated internal transducer
  • Protects against running in dry conditions, short-circuits, amperometric, and overheating
  • Voltage, pump in operation and failure indicators
  • Button to activate/deactivate automatic function mode
  • Push button keyboard for easy and intuitive programming
  • Large heat dissipation surface
  • Built-in check valve

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