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Pump driver with speed variator

  • New LOGICWALL pump controller with INVERTER system for the management and protection of the pumps, which is able to maintain a constant pressure independently of the flow demand by varying the rotation speed of the motor.
  • These controllers can be installed over the wall or on a base plate with a support. The LOGICWALL version can also be installed directly over the discharge pipe.
  • They are used individually to control a pump (it can be a surface or submersible pump) or in groups of up to 4 pumps communicated in parallel and operating in MASTER-SLAVE mode with alternation.
  • Control panel for easy and intuitive programming with warning leds (POWER ON - ON/OFF - PUMP ON - FAILURE - ALARM)
  • Pressure reading through external pressure transducer
  • Intensity current sensor with instantaneous reading
  • Protections against lack of water, over-current, abnormal power supply, short circuit and over-heating
  • Automatic reset in case of blockade: During the following 24 hours after the blockade, the machine performs ten double attempts to reset, lasting about 5 seconds each attempt, to pressurize the installation again.
  • Antilock function: If the pump is not used for 24 consecutive hours, the device starts the engine for about 5 seconds. Should it continue inactive, this operation will be repeated every 24 h.
  • It’s possible to connect a level switch as protection. This system is independent of the safety system against dry running operation
  • Possibility of connecting the switch as remote ON / OFF or remote alarm
  • Upon request, KIT for data transmission via GSM can be supplied

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