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Waste water aeration devices

  • Devices for the agitation/aeration of waste water. Suitable for all kinds of oxygenation of organic effluent, sludges, septic tanks, reduction of odours in pools and basins, reduction of foams and other industrial processes where it is necessary to add extra oxygen. These devices are based on the Venturi effect, which involves the entry of surface air into the fluid to be treated, achieving an optimum mixture of agitation/aeration in the facility.
  • Type: Submersible
  • IP: 68
  • Isolation: F
  • Hz: 50
  • Cooling: Dielectric oil
  • Temp. max. (ºC): 40
  • Ø Solids: 20 mm
  • Max. density: 1100 Kg/m3
  • pH: 6 - 10
  • All models are supplied with 10 m. of electric cable and counterflange for assembly with gasket and screws.
  • Supplied with Venturi but without vertical pipe for air suction.

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