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Pressure regulator

  • The main difference between the pressure controller and traditional systems of hydropneumatic tanks, is that the pressure controller keeps the pump connected while there is power supply consumption, ensuring constant pressure according to the requested flow.
  • On the other hand, in the traditional system, pressure constantly varies according to accumulated water volume in the hydropneumatic tank.
  • Foot or check valve for the pump suction is required. Likewise, the installation of a shut-off valve in the discharge is recommended.
  • If the water column between the pump and the highest supply point is over 15 mts., the controller can not be directly mounted on the pump, it should be inserted between the pipe.
  • Constant pressure (according to requested flow)
  • Replaces membrane tank, pressure switch, 5-way fi tting and level switch
  • Protection in case of lack of water: Disconnects the pump to avoid running dry
  • Protection against lack of a phase on the supply or accidental inversion of a phase (MASCONTROL-UP): In this case the device detects the anomaly and maintains the correct direction of rotation of the pump.
  • Reduced dimensions in all the booster.
  • Completely silent operation
  • Push-button for manual control
  • Built-in check valve
  • Adjustment and maintenance is not needed
Note: Starting-up pressure, supply power (12-24-220 v.) and the membrane for using the controller in gas-oil transfers can be modified upon request.

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