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Wall-mounted pump driver with variable-frequency drive

  • The pump controller for wall assembly with variable-frequency-drive SPEEDBOX is suitable for operating with single-phase and three-phase pumps. Simple motor specification configuration, as the user only has to set up pressure adjustment and nominal intensity.
  • It can be mounted individually or in groups of up to 4 pumps in parallel communicated and operating in MASTER-SLAVE mode with alternation.
  • Control panel with LCD screen with warning leds, START/STOP and AUTOMATIC push buttons
  • Configuration system for easy and intuitive programming
  • Pressure reading through external pressure transducer
  • Intensity current sensor with instantaneous reading
  • Protections agains lack of water by consumed current, overcurrent, fast operating cycles and abnormal supply voltage
  • ART function (Automatic Reset Test), which connects the pump with a programmed periodicity until the water supply has been restored
  • Register of alarms and operational controls (working hours, start counter, connections to the electrical network counter)
  • Automatic restore system after an interruption of power supply keeping the configuration parametres
  • It’s possible to connect a level switch as protection. This system is independent of the safety system against running dry operation
  • Cooling system by forced convection (fan)

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